People fired after the curfew hours were relaxed. However, we’re all a little rusty when it comes to dating as a lot of us haven’t since the start of this year. Returning to the dating scene can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not sure what to do to impress your date. It’s also possible that you are doing something embarrassing and ruining your date.

If you’re wondering how to make a good impression on your first date, avoid doing these things.

1. Talk about past relationships

No one wants to hear from your exes, especially on a first date. Whether you talk about it bad or good, raising your ex can be a buzzkill. This implies that you haven’t left them, which makes your date skeptical of a serious relationship with you. Don’t make comparisons with your ex either. Make sure you’ve forgotten your ex before you return to the dating scene.

2. Have bad table manners

There is a lot that people can put up with, but bad table manners will delay your date very quickly. Likewise, if you’re trying to make a lasting good impression, showing good table manners will do the trick. Avoid speaking with food in your mouth as it is unsightly and unsanitary. Plus, learn to use cutlery, especially if you’re going to a fancy restaurant, so you don’t embarrass or embarrass yourself. Finally, be courteous to the staff.

3. Wear a t-shirt

No matter where you plan to book your date, make an effort to dress well. It wouldn’t kill you to wear a button down shirt. Remember, your clothes speak before you and if you want to sound like a serious suitor, wearing a t-shirt on the first date will send the wrong message. A chic and casual look is comfortable enough for those who don’t like wearing suits and will make you look presentable.

4. worry too much

It’s good to take care of yourself and make sure your date is comfortable. It’s also okay to want to show your date that you can be a protector. However, make sure you don’t overwhelm them with your concern. Don’t ask them if they are doing well every few minutes. It gets boring after a while and it could make your date more uncomfortable. If you notice that they may not be comfortable, try talking about something that interests them.

5. Talk to them

One of the most annoying things you can do on a first date is talk too much. Listening is an attractive quality that most people look for in their potential partner. Therefore, give your partner a chance to express themselves and pay attention to what they say. Remember, there is a right and a wrong way to take charge of the date.

6. Show up late

It’s understandable to show up a few minutes late as there may be traffic or an unexpected detour. However, showing up an hour or two late for your appointment is simply unacceptable. It shows that you don’t appreciate the time of your date and that you are also bad at time management. Plus, no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who seems unreliable.

7. Use your phone

Keep your phone on silent and away from the table until the date is over. Since you knew you would meet someone at a specific time, try to give them your undivided attention. If you have demanding commitments, make arrangements for how they will be handled when you are away to avoid receiving many calls.

8. Wear too much makeup

Some women like to play with makeup looks. However, it’s important to look as natural as possible on the first date. Wearing too much makeup not only delays your date, but also makes it look like you are hiding something or being unconfident in your appearance. Therefore, when choosing your makeup, go for subtle undertones and tone down lashes.

9. Leave them with the invoice

When going on a first date, be sure to pick a location that fits your budget and confirm that you have enough money. It can be a buzzkill when a date doesn’t even offer to cover expenses, especially when they’re the one who invited you in the first place.

10. Offer unwanted advice

Your date might open up to you about personal or professional dilemmas they may be facing. However, if they haven’t asked for any advice, which most people won’t do on a first date, don’t give them any advice. Most guys feel the urge to give career advice or try to tell their date what they could be doing wrong. Even if you think you have a solution, save it for later.

11. Plan for the future

Talking about marriage and children on the first date might offend your potential partner in a bad way. There is nothing wrong with letting your partner know what you are looking for in a relationship. However, you need to keep the conversation light so as not to overwhelm your date. Also avoid talking about your future life and career plans.

12. Be sensitive

Whether or not you have immediate contact with your date, don’t be overly touchy, especially in a sexually suggestive way. You can hold someone’s hand or even put your hand around their waist if they’re comfortable with it. Grabbing their buttocks is another story to be avoided.

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