Admin assistants

2 administrative assistants from town hall receive employee recognition awards

GUILFORD, CT – Two Town Hall administrative assistants have been named the Guilford Employee Recognition Award winners for the month of April.

Michelle Nazario has been the Administrative Assistant for Natural Resources since 2013. Lisa Piombino has been the Administrative Assistant for Planning and Zoning since 2015.

Both received an employee recognition certificate and gift card from First Selectman Matt Hoey, who created the program.

The Employee Recognition Awards Committee selected Nazario and Piombino, who were jointly nominated by City Planner Kevin Magee, Zoning Enforcement Officer Erin Mannix and City Planner George Kral.

Magee, Mannix and Kral were both named for “working tirelessly as a team during these trying times to keep the South Town Hall land use offices open and in service to the public.” They have been the building’s front line customer service staff for the past year. They also took the time to help train new temporary and full-time administrative staff.

“Working during COVID, Michelle and Lisa have been working full time in the office since South Town Hall reopened in June 2020. They have had to deal with the increased work demands of virtual meetings that required meeting documents to be completed. scanned and uploaded to the city’s webpage for public viewing of documents. We have relied on them to help implement changes in the functions of our Commission while maintaining compliance with decrees and changes to our requirements statutory, ”added the three supervisors.

“Without the dedication and willingness of Michelle and Lisa to serve the needs of various departments, we would have seen a decline in land use service during one of the busiest seasons in history.”