Podcasts are one of the main forms of entertainment today. They acquired a
public in recent years due to the fact that they provide convenience. This is because, as people got busier and busier, they had less time to sit in front of a television or turn on the radio. Plus, because podcasts are available on various apps like Spotify, Castbox, and SoundCloud, they allow their audience to listen to their favorite topics on the go or even while lounging at home.

However, it can be confusing to navigate the world of podcasts and pick the best from hundreds of thousands. If you’re looking for new podcasts or want to try them out for the first time, here are some great podcasts you should listen to.

1. Unveiling of Kenya

Created by Kingwa Kamencu and Moses Sichach, Unveiling of Kenya is a fairly new podcast but it
already has great content. The two hosts discuss their views on social, cultural and political aspects
problems in Kenya. He delves into various topics and how they have influenced Kenya.

2. Kenyan voices

This podcast highlights stories about Kenyans living in the country and abroad. A host of
Kenyan voices, a Kenyan based in Texas, discusses a variety of topics ranging from relationships, and
current issues alongside other Kenyans in all parts of the world.

3. What is it

This young duo of Pepper Five and Victor animates the What is that podcast that focuses on the
Kenyan musical scene. They talk about everything to do with the industry, including struggles
the artists travel across the country in an interview format with a guest host.

4. The fifty point club

He is a light Kenyan Podcast where the host and his group of friends indulge in jokes. They discuss their personal lives and how they relate to the current issues happening in the country. The result is a hilarious 40-minute podcast.

5. Kenyan plug

Shiro, the host of Kenyan plug, talks about his opinions on the problems of everyday life
toxic traits to money. She doesn’t mince words and gives her audience a raw picture of her experiences as a Kenyan living abroad.

6. The Laughter Clinic

10 minutes Podcast is a breath of fresh air and a quick escape from reality. Host shares
short snippets of humor about his personal life that many young Kenyans can relate to
including relationships, school life and getting high.

7. It’s not just taxes and death

Although this is fairly new, this Podcast must be listened to. The duo Calvin Wanguku and Priscilla
The Ng’ethe are well coordinated and offer cohesive, high-quality episodes dealing with a range of topics including mental health, corruption, and relationships.

8. Live honestly

Live honestly is based on the experiences of an African man. Amani Maranga, the podcast host, invites different people including professionals to contribute on different topics such as addiction, fatherhood and love.

9. Randy Radio

This Kenya based, sexually positive Podcast aims to break the stigma of talking about sex in the
African culture. The host discusses common issues surrounding the topic, from hoe phases to side guys. He is sometimes joined by a guest who also gives his opinion on the matter.

10. The Kenyan Wallstreet

The Kenyan Wallstreet is a popular blog that offers information on doing business in Africa and around the world. Their Podcast features interviews with various stakeholders and brief discussions on financial issues.

11. Plot?

Alice Kanji and Denzel Maina, the creators of this Podcast, describe it as a relatable and hilarious way to break free from the stress of the world. The two young adults take a humorous approach to everyday problems.

12. Survive in Nairobi

Survive in Nairobi They are literally two Nairobians in the twenties who navigate the city.
Although it is light and fun, the hosts discuss serious issues that most of the young people in the
country to go. Be careful, this podcast is pretty self-explanatory.

13. The Chop Down

the Chop Down Podcast is hosted by Ephy Saint, a popular Kenyan personality. He chops
various issues offers his understanding on the topics according to the touching personal experience
mostly on unpopular views on relationships.
International podcasts

14. How was it done

If you are a fan of movies and interested in the movie making process, you will love
Podcast. It focuses on B movies, breaking down how these horrific films are made and the thought process behind them.

15. Reply to all

This long Podcast focuses on technology and its impact on everyday life. Hosts speak
on the relationship between people and the internet and how each affects the other. They also answer listeners’ questions on similar topics.

16. Series

Serial is a True Crime podcast that delves into the world of the criminal system in America. He
discusses real cases with interviews with lawyers and convicts. It also offers live
court recordings that paint a living picture of what is happening in these corridors of justice.

17. Here to kill

Feminists and authors, Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cotton, created the Here to kill
podcast to give their two cents on a range of topics from politics, pop culture, and more. They normally invite different personalities such as politicians and celebrities who also share their thoughts on the topics.

18. Today, explained

We live in a fast-paced world where we get new information by the minute. As a result, it is easy to lose track of the important things. This Podcast seeks to simplify or break down the news. It highlights the main events unfolding around the world, while the hosts discuss them in detail.

19. The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe rogan is arguably one of the greatest podcasters. The American comedian and sport
the commentator uses his skills to create gripping episodes. He offers insight into various pop culture issues through interviews with his famous guests.

20. Crimes of passion

Passion crimes will take you through real life cases of murder committed by a loved one.
The hosts recounted in detail the events leading up to the murder and analyzed the psychology of the victim and the murderer. It’s pretty fun if you like twisted drama.

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