There has obviously been talk of the Philadelphia 76ers leaving three-time all-star point guard Ben Simmons after a disastrous playoff performance from the enigmatic player.

Much of the talk so far has centered on the Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors as the top destinations for the reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year finalist.

That said, there are now rumors pointing to a dark horse candidate in the San Antonio Spurs’ one in the west.

“Can I tell you my most devious team?” Just put puzzle pieces together – San Antonio is just tailor-made for a bunch of guy stuff, throw things on the wall, move ”, ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently reported. “Like why don’t you just say here are a few, here are some veterans who round out Simmons, here are some draft picks.”

It could actually make a lot of sense for both sides depending on the business value of Ben Simmons and if San Antonio finally comes to the conclusion that their core group isn’t a title contender after missing out on the playoffs each. the last two seasons.

As with any potential Simmons trading scenario, it all depends on his perceived value on the trading block and the asking price of the 76ers. There is no concrete information regarding these two stories.

What we do know is that Spurs need to turn things around under an aging Gregg Popovich as Simmons is not a No.2 player on a Championship contender given how the Philadelphia roster is built with it. Joel Embiid in the lead. Below, we take a look at three ways Simmons can land in San Antonio.

Ben Simmons for DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade

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It’s complicated by the fact that DeRozan is on the verge of hitting free agency and Philadelphia is currently above the cap. NBA rules say Philadelphia would have to go under the cap if it was successful in signing and trading. Currently, the cap is estimated at $ 19 million. That said, there is leeway for 76ers front office chief Daryl Morey. Lowe also spoke about it.

That would require DeRozan to take less than the maximum in a contract with the 76ers sending George Hill and another hunk to San Antonio. From there, the other moving parts are expected to return to Philadelphia.

  • Spurs get: Ben Simmons, George Hill, Anthony Tolliver
  • 76ers get: DeMar DeRozan, Keldon Johnson, first round pick

Ben Simmons’ traditional trade with the San Antonio Spurs

ben simmons trade in spurs from san antonio
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Stepping out of the complexities surrounding a signing and a trade, there’s a storyline here that suggests Philadelphia would be willing to accept some nice young coins to work behind Embiid and Tobias Harris to move forward. That wouldn’t give the Sixers two real stars, but Simmons hasn’t played that role in each of the past two seasons either.

4 ideal business scenarios of Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers

For San Antonio, the idea would be to add Simmons to the mix with the re-signing of DeRozan and another entry-level player joining the organization. Remember, Spurs should be $ 53million below the cap. It would be a winning decision for Popovich, 72, as he enters the twilight of his career.

  • Spurs get: Ben Simmons
  • 76ers get: Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Devin Vassell

Ben Simmons threesome exchange

ben simmons swap for brandon ingram
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Perhaps the best way it could work is for the Spurs and 76ers to find a third team to take on a few young San Antonio players. In this scenario, said third team is drawn to one or two draft picks from San Antonio. The likes of Murray, White, Vassell and even Keldon Johnson would be of value to a rebuilding team.

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In turn, the 76ers are able to add a real No.2 option behind Embiid while still allowing Harris to play more of that near-star role. It’s pure guesswork here, but the New Orleans Pelicans might make sense. There has been some thinking about the idea that they might look to move All-Star forward Brandon Ingram and find a better fit next to Zion Williamson. We also know that front office chief David Griffin loves draft picks. Here is a scenario that might work.

  • Spurs get: Ben Simmons
  • Pelicans get: Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Spurs first round pick, Sixers second round
  • 76ers get: Brandon Ingram

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