“Have a child draw a car, and he’ll certainly draw it in red.” These words of Enzo Ferrari, the famous racing driver and founder of Scuderia Ferrari, perfectly sum up the unparalleled cultural significance of the Prancing Horse. Selected brand of names ranging from Michael Jordan to Leonardo DiCaprio, Ferrari exerts an almost mythical power over cultures of all kinds. What other brands could dream of connecting the distant worlds of Chief Keef and James Bond? Its ties to music and cinema run deeper than any other car brand, and the fact that the Ferrari logo is a comeback obsession in the fashion world tells you that it has a finger in the style cake, too. Moments like Drake wearing a Ferrari racing jacket cement the brand name as a status symbol across the board. This is what makes Ferrari such a central player in our space. A brand of any kind that not only dominates its own path but also gracefully deviates from all others is a brand to consider and learn.

Ferrari has been indirectly involved in the styling world for years, but the prancing horse is about to overtake on the styling front. With the announcement that Ferrari is releasing its own fashion collection, the brand’s status as a cultural powerhouse on all fronts has never been more evident.

In many ways, automotive design plays a role in fashion: material, color, design and function merge, enveloping the body, increasing its functions, reshaping, protecting, magnifying its forms. Using multifunctional and durable fabrics in primary colors, Ferrari designed shapes around a bold, fearless and assertive aesthetic. Ferrari’s new visual language is in tune with the currents of the new generations – fluid and punchy. The collection will debut on June 13 with an event in Maranello, Italy, the birthplace of all things Ferrari, which will be the first glimpse of a new era in the brand’s history.

So whether you are an oil lover, a movie buff or a rap lover, Ferrari definitely plays a role in your everyday life. In this way, Ferrari is probably one of the most successful brands of all time, but how did it get here?

Really, we could be here for weeks sifting through the moments that made Ferrari Ferrari. Instead, we’re embarking on a pedal-to-metal tour of some of Ferrari’s greatest moments in our world. Ranging from movies and television to art and music, consider this a love letter to the prancing horse.

There are few better advertisements for a brand than celebrity mentions, and for Ferrari they are plentiful. While labels today are used to shipping their products in safe hands, Ferrari’s appeal has attracted prominent approvals since the mid-20th century, peaking in the 1990s.

If, like everyone else, you are obsessed with Netflix The last dance last year you may have understood Michael Jordan’s penchant for a Ferrari. With a collection surpassing those of the most dedicated collectors, it’s no surprise that there is more than one prancing horse involved.

It’s safe to say that most celebrities have one or two pretty awesome engines, but some have more than an eye for a flashy car. Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay is known as one of the biggest car fanatics in the music business, and as a man of good taste (and hats) he prefers a Ferrari to anything else. . With at least three Ferraris in its collection, from a Ferrari LaFerrari Kermit Green to a one-of-a-kind Ferrari 330 GT from 1965, its prized engine is a Ferrari 275 GTB.

Jay Kay is not the only musician to be proud of his Ferraris, however. The brand’s long-standing obsession with rap is undoubtedly embodied by Pharrell, whose Ferrari Enzo is the stuff of legend. An image taken by a Skateboard P fan stopped by the lights of his Enzo, looking out the window with his hand raised in a Vulcan Salute has unsurprisingly become an iconic image. The car itself, an extremely rare build, has appeared in several clips, even becoming a Transformer in the video from Can i have it like this. Pharrell naturally brings us to the long musical life of Ferrari. From Migos to Jay-Z, Kanye and White Ferrari titular Frank Ocean, Ferrari plays a central role in contemporary music.

For young performers like the late Pop Smoke, whose love for Ferrari was evident in his music videos, Ferrari acts like the universally desired dream car – a physical manifestation of “Hey mom, I did it”. Take the video for Pop Smoke’s Welcome to the party, which essentially revolves around a red Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s a fitting centerpiece for an escape record, as the sense of exclusivity these sports cars exude plays out perfectly in the bravado that characterizes the scene.

We can’t forget the Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame album Ferrari Boyz. Gucci Mane has never been one to shy the spotlight. Whether it’s an ice cream tattoo on her cheek or the matching diamond encrusted pendant, Gucci Mane loves to leave a mark. Maybe that’s why the video Ferrari Boyz saw both artists enjoy a Ferrari 458 Italia as much as Pop Smoke.

Perhaps the most memorable reference to Ferrari in music came in 2019 during Drake and Migos’ Aubrey & the Three Migos tour. Fans lucky enough to secure a ticket to what is arguably one of the greatest hip-hop tours of all time were treated to a 1: 1 replica of Drake’s $ 3.5 million floating Ferrari Laferrari above. The multi-million dollar hypercar, finished in a rare yellow, swirled around as a technician checked it out behind the scenes.

While Ferrari has certainly found its place on the rap scene, the brand is anything but a one-ride pony. Find? Sorry. Take the icons from Britpop Blur, whose cover of the CD Chemical World 1993 featured an illustration of the Ferrari F40, a car backed by many as one of the greatest hypercars ever made.

As ubiquitous as Ferrari is in music, it really hits its mark on TV and in the movies. The inimitable Italian bodywork is enough to turn a big stage into an iconic one. In fact, Ferraris often become the defining aspect of a character or a movie as a whole.

Take Magnum PI for example. Tom Selleck – AKA Magnum, a private investigator whose mustache essentially highlighted everything right in the ’80s – was about as key to this show as his red Ferrari 308. This duo has proven that the good Ferrari becomes a character in its own right.

In 1984, just four years after Magnum PI came out on screen, the world was treated to another now iconic Ferrari. The white Testarossa that features in Miami Vice is surely credited with triggering more than a few long-standing obsessions with retro construction. Considered one of Ferrari’s greatest designs, the Testarossa has no shortage of big screen appearances. Leo, for example, had some issues with the suicide doors when he played Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. His white Ferrari Testarossa, however, looked majestic throughout.

Sadly, while Ferraris looks great in a perfect notch, the directors have also long enjoyed beating one. Whether it’s an accessory or an actual item, there is something deeply hurtful about seeing a rare vintage Ferrari wrecked. Never has this feeling been so acute as in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Cameron’s father’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT makes a difficult journey through a window and drops 30 feet to its demise – a moment made unforgettable by the near-mythical aura of the vintage Ferrari.

While we’ve touched on some of the best-known Ferraris in cinema, there is one that’s criminally overlooked and it’s not even a real car. In 2006, Disney released Cars, which saw a group of anthropomorphic cars in search of victories and lifelong friendships. Although not a central figure, Michael Schumacher plays a Michael Schumacher, a red Ferrari F430. This is how Ferrari fits into the fabric of modern culture, bringing us back to Enzo Ferrari’s famous quote: “Ask a kid to draw a car, and he’ll definitely draw it in red.”

Whether it’s because of the movie, the music, the celebrity support or the world famous racing team, Ferrari is one of the most beloved brands in the world. We could go through hundreds of other Ferrari moments and references to make this point, but in reality the mind-boggling reach comes down to one thing. Beautiful design fueled by passion will always triumph. No matter how many times we see the pristine Rosso Corsa parade by a streamlined Ferrari, it will always inspire a flash of childish excitement, and this This is why Ferrari exists in a league of its own. This sense of a brand existing in its own unique and unmatched parameters is expected to continue with the release of Ferrari’s first collection which debuts on June 13 in Maranello, Italy.

Ti amo, Ferrari.

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