A reminder to be precise, informative

The main article in your Sunday, August 1 edition, reprinted from the Denver Post, had a misleading headline: “Masks Not Required in Schools.” Reading only the first two paragraphs makes it clear that the real purpose of the article is to say that local school districts are encouraged to consider requiring masks in their schools, even if the state does not impose a requirement on them. statewide.

I understand that titles should be concise and appealing to grab the attention of readers. Remember, as too many media have done, your public obligation is to be specific and informative, not just to grab the attention of readers. While the threat of the pandemic to public health remains active, these distinctions are important.

Judson Haverkamp

Land of love

Overcash is the right fit for the Mayor of Loveland

I fully support Don Overcash and will “refuse to sign” the unwarranted recall if a petition is circulated. I have known Don for many years and have seen his compassion for Loveland. He has supported all businesses, large and small. He’s solution-oriented, unlike a few board members, and he’s consistent.

This recall effort is just a smear campaign – a personal attack on him because his opponents know they can’t attack his professional side. Don has always listened to his constituents and an analytical decision maker.

In my opinion, Overcash for the Mayor is a victory for all the citizens of Loveland. Don’s opponents only care about their own agendas and ideas. They have no relation to most of Loveland. Don is experienced in building relationships while his opponents are not.

This recall campaign only began after Don announced his campaign for mayor. Because his opponents know how reliable he is, they only attack him using popular social issues. Unlike his opponents, Don sees end goals and strives to solve problems in Loveland instead of just ignoring them.

I hope everyone can see how persistent Don is. At election time, vote for the right person for the mayor: Don Overcash.

Christian Jorgensen

Land of love

Capitol officers should prosecute those who are the real danger

First of all, I want to thank all the Capitol police who fought and triumphed on January 6th. They heroically saved many lives, the sanctity of the 2020 election and, fundamentally, American democracy.
It is fitting that they fear that other attacks will come from the same seditionist traitors. As the FBI and other agencies and jurisdictions continue their investigations, charges, and arrests, you have the power to make a difference by catching those who openly plan further attacks.

They can immediately arrest the following most important and therefore most dangerous people: Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Josh Hawley, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Citizen Donald John Trump. Doing this will also honor their brothers who suffered wounds and battle trauma, and Brian Sicknick.

As a US Navy veteran, I’m with the officers. My thanks and prayers and good thoughts for healing.

Dick heyman


Debt and dependence on government are increasing

As the national debt approaches $ 29 trillion, members of Congress debate, led by liberal / progressive Democrats, spending $ 1,000 billion on “infrastructure” and $ 3.5 trillion on infrastructure. “Miscellaneous.” Isn’t there a limit to the amount of spending that Congress can authorize?

Apparently, since the Covid-19 pandemic overwhelmed the country, Congressional authorization to increase the national debt limit is no longer needed. It has more than tripled since the start of the Obama administration.

Where is this country going? Government “stimulus payments”, endless “unemployment payments”, child credit payments, abolition of landlord’s ability to evict tenants, labeling as “rights”; health care, housing, etc., social media censorship is enacted.

At the beginning of my existence on the planet, it was expected that one would gain the financial resources to acquire the various items necessary for survival. One of them was educated, acquired various knowledge, skills and abilities and looked for a job. Dependence on government was minimal.

What happened? Sixty years ago the minimum wage was $ 1 an hour, a gallon of gasoline cost less than a quarter, you could buy a house for less than $ 25,000. Why do so many things cost 10 to 20 times more today than 60 years ago? My theory is that the government has imposed minimum wage increases and “cost of living adjustments” (COLA) are the root cause of the cost increases. The consumer ultimately pays when purchasing goods and services. The cost of providing government services is also increasing.

Is there a realistic solution? Over time, we have seen the types of jobs available change in this country. There are fewer jobs in manufacturing due to our growing dependence on imports from overseas, especially Central America, China and the Far East. Can this be reversed?

The growing dependence on government promoted by liberals / progressives is troubling. Where will the revenue to run the government and the associated expenses come from?

Roger weidelman

Land of love

If every drop counts, why a water park?

I totally agree with Robert L. Cole regarding the proposed water park. Several years ago, the City of Loveland Water Authority launched a campaign saying “every drop counts.” The goal was to encourage residents and businesses to conserve as much water as possible. The population has since increased. I find it disconcerting that our city council is even considering the creation of a water park.

Judy Kwiatkowski

Land of love

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