Regarding “Opinion: Biden took a bite out of food insecurity.” Let’s get it over with ”(August 19):“ Money, money, money! This always seems to be the government’s solution to a problem. Let’s give people more money – it will solve food insecurity (and many other social ills), experts say. In the end, it will make little difference unless you change people’s habits while limiting what can be purchased with SNAP benefits. Today, almost 10% of the benefits of SNAP are spent on soda, which has no nutritional value. Additional money is spent on crisps and cookies which also have no nutritional value when it comes to food pyramids. The Texas legislature attempted to pass such legislation, but it failed, and even if passed, a USDA waiver would then be required. Why is this even a subject of debate and hesitation?

Once the purchases are limited or redefined, it is then necessary to work on the shopping and cooking classes. Many adults don’t buy the bigger package because “it’s more expensive” while ignoring all aspects of the unit cost, making the more expensive package the best value. Then come the cooking classes and the wonderful world of leftovers. Yes, time is limited for many, but preparing a big meal on the weekend or any day off can include a few meals during the week. And there’s no reason not to involve kids in cooking and cleaning. If they’re big enough to reach the sink or counter (even with a small stool), they’re old enough to help. My sons in their twenties were brought up this way and they are self-sufficient today; they can even manage to do their laundry, as they did when they were at home. Maybe in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, we need to teach budgeting, shopping, and cooking.

Tim Graney, Katy

Give credit where credit is due

Regarding “Opinion: Chaos Was Inevitable, Biden’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan Was Necessary” (August 17): The author suggests that, like the Afghans, the South Vietnamese people were unwilling to fight for their country . This is not only wrong, but it is in fact an insult to members of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). America withdrew all of its combat troops from combat in March 1973 and followed that by ceasing shipments of arms, fuel, parts, ammunition, medical supplies and any other materiel we had trained on. the ARVN to depend on. Despite this, their willingness to resist the takeover by North Vietnamese Communist troops resulted in two years of fierce fighting, ending only in 1975 when the capital of Saigon was invaded. Give credit where credit is due, says the Vietnam veteran.

Larry E. Vecera, Houston

A coherent immigration policy

Regarding “Editorial: America has lost more than a war in Afghanistan. We have lost our consciousness. (August 20): If we can accommodate thousands of Afghan evacuees, why not people south of the US border?

Patricia Roberts, Bellaire

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