Corrie legend Dev Alahan and her family will be rocked by financial worries following the coronavirus crisis.

The proud dad suffers from serious cash flow problems on Coronation Street after sending her twins Aadi and Asha to private school and her kebab business is in trouble.

The businessman, who also owns the corner store, faces the sale of his beloved Prima Doner, who has been a Weatherfield favorite since opening in 2009, and he hires a real estate agent.

“Dev is in serious financial trouble because of his children,” said actor Jimmi Harkishin, who played Dev on the soap opera for nearly 20 years.

“And his business is not doing very well. He is absolutely in trouble.

Dev is in trouble

“He brings a real estate agent to the kebab. It’s pretty serious.

“Things are not going very well. The lockdown has had an effect.”

Explaining more about Dev’s situation, he said, “He had other stores, he had a gym and it wasn’t working.

“He had to sell that and these kids aren’t cheap.

“He’s not earning as much and he’s worried.

“The new school costs him an arm and a leg.

Cathy Matthews worries about being out of work

“He’s trying to be protective like a good father. He’s overwhelmed.

“It’s so well written and documented. You feel for everyone.”

Dev gave the teenage twins a fresh start after nude footage of Asha, intended for his teenage crush Corey Brent, was found and shared on a group chat by Kelly Neelan and then released online.

When asked what Should ideally be done to get out of this situation, he replied, “I think he wants a beautiful arranged marriage for Asha, isn’t it to get her out of her hands?

“But no, he doesn’t know.

In June, Dev secretly logged into a ‘quick loans’ website

“He’s hanging on to straws. He thinks that if he sells the kebab, it’s one less worry.

“All he does is protect these two. He doesn’t spend it on bags and shoes for himself.”

Paralyzed by tuition fees, Dev suffered further when he caught Asha kissing Corey.

“He’s devastated. He doesn’t understand it.

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“After everything this boy has done and the problems he’s caused.

“He doesn’t understand why she would do that.

“I, personally, sort of understand that. It’s something that’s gotten out of hand and she keeps saying ‘it wasn’t Corey. “”

He added: “Nobody comes out of there like a bad person.

“Technology is moving so much faster. I can’t make a Zoom call.”

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