Welcome to Manatee County, where anti-masks and anti-vaxxers spew out disinformation at local meetings across the county.

Has it ever occurred to the “free the faces of our children” crowd that the reason district schools remained open year round was because of the mask policy?

I know most of you aren’t dealing with the facts, but there you have it: Almost 600,000 people have died from COVID-19. It is a real virus that has impacted our lives and our economy. The masks have ZERO to do with your “freedoms and freedoms” which are so dear to you, as well as your Trump flags that still hang outside your house (in case you haven’t noticed, your king has lost the Chamber and the Senate to complete the trifecta).

Masks have kept me from making you sick and vice versa – simple enough, maybe too simple for many of you.

Welcome to Manatee County, where if you live in an affluent zip code, you can skip the line and forgo the vaccine lottery system; and where county commissioners bicker nicely at every meeting, demand the resignation of a county administrator six hours after taking office, admit an extramarital affair over an “evil conspiracy” by a fellow commissioner, bounce $ 10 checks, buy new office decor at taxpayer expense – my cute felt accent you got – and hire a new county administrator who does nothing more than hunt and campaign for jobs that give it the most power and influence.

Welcome to Manatee County, where at least two of the Jan.6 insurgents live and where nearly every congressional representative in the area has voted AGAINST providing you with a stimulus payment of $ 1,400, while still being quick to take the lead. credit for how the COVID-19 stimulus program is helping the local economy.

Welcome to Manatee County.

Michael polin


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