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Doctors’ fury over administrative staff ‘sleeping’ while medics tinker with nap chairs | United Kingdom | New

A hospital trust video boasting of an administrative office’s “sleeping” pods and Sage coffee machines has been removed after a backlash from outraged doctors.

Barts Health NHS Trust posted the clip on TikTok under the profile @bartshealthnhs sharing with viewers “things in our office that make sense”.

The images showed Sage coffee machines, comfortable work pods, live updated London transport screens and ‘views for days’ out the window, reports My London.

The British Medical Association for Junior Doctors (BMA) wrote on social media: “Barts Junior Doctors have created a joke ranking of available seats which includes bin lids.

“This TikTok proudly shows desks with dedicated nap pods. Never mind that doctors have to assemble plastic chairs to act as benches if they want to take a nap.”

Emergency doctor Russell Gritton, who works at a Barts NHS Trust hospital, said: ‘Meanwhile, on the front line at hospitals in this trust, we had to change in the toilet before doing a 12 shift hours, and if you were lucky there were some cold chips you could buy for £3 in the canteen.”

Barts Health NHS Trust runs five hospitals in east London; The Royal London Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital, Newham Hospital and Mile End Hospital.

The trust said the video, shared on our TikTok and Instagram accounts, was intended to boost recruitment into office roles of all ranks “in the style of recent light-hearted videos on these social media platforms”.

The video has now been removed and Barts Health has since apologised, responding to the comments with “Clearly we misunderstood – we are sorry and have removed the video”.

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Many argued that the NHS Trust and the video are not to blame for the current NHS underfunding crisis and called on people to hold the government to account.

Dr Phill Lee wrote on Twitter: ‘We should not wish to remove any of the facilities that the human resources team at Barts Health have. We should push for these to be rolled out for all NHS staff.

A spokesperson for Barts Health NHS Trust told MyLondon: “We are sorry for the offense caused, have removed the video and will look for other ways to promote our trust as a workplace.

“Thanks to Barts Charity, we have improved wellness facilities for all staff in our hospitals, including dedicated wellness centres, refurbished rest rooms, new lockers and bike racks, but we know that we still have a long way to go.”

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