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China approves drug Astra Imfinzi for aggressive form of lung cancer

China has approved AstraZeneca’s drug Imfinzi to treat an aggressive type of adult lung cancer, the company said on Monday, to boost efforts to fight the disease. China’s National Medicines Administration has cleared the drug for use with chemotherapy in adults with advanced small cell lung cancer (SCLC), the Anglo-Swedish manufacturer said.

BioNTech strengthens its expertise in cancer therapy with an acquisition in the United States

BioNTech announced the acquisition of a production site and a research and development platform from a subsidiary of the American biotechnology company Gilead to expand its presence in North America and in new treatments against Cancer. The German biotech company announced Monday that it is purchasing an R&D platform for solid tumor neoantigen T cell receptor therapy (TCR-T) from Kite Pharma and a manufacturing facility in the city of Gaithersburg , in the state of Maryland.

‘Don’t get sick’: Indonesia’s poor lack COVID care

In the swarming and impoverished Muara Baru neighborhood of North Jakarta, people have made a sinister joke using the acronym for the Indonesian government’s lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic: PPKM. “Pelan Pelan Kita Mati,” said Herdayati, 48, a mother of six and the sole breadwinner of a family living in a narrow, claustrophobic alley, explaining the gallows’ humor.

Thailand warns daily COVID-19 cases could reach 30,000 worst-case scenario

Thailand’s COVID-19 task force on Monday called on the population to follow stricter containment measures, warning that without cooperation, daily infection rates could triple to 30,000 in the worst-case scenario. The Southeast Asian country reported 11,784 new cases on Monday, the fourth consecutive day of record infections, and 81 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 3,422 and cases to 415,170, most infections due to an epidemic that started in April.

Singapore sees COVID-19 cases double overnight as testing ramps up

Singapore on Monday saw new local coronavirus cases nearly double from the previous day to 163, the highest daily tally in 11 months, driven by clusters of infections linked to a fishing port and sea bass. karaoke. The rise in cases prompted the city-state to tighten some restrictions on social gatherings from Monday, just a week after easing them.

EU evaluates arthritis drug to treat COVID-19 patients with pneumonia

The European medicines regulator said on Monday it was evaluating a request to use an arthritis drug, Kineret, to treat COVID-19 in adult patients with pneumonia who are at risk of developing severe respiratory failure. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said it will assess the data, including the results of two ongoing clinical studies looking at the safety and effectiveness of the drug in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Brazil authorizes trials with 3rd dose of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

Brazilian health regulator Anvisa said on Monday it had approved trials with a third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19. Anvisa said a third dose of the vaccine would be given to 10,000 volunteers between 11 and 13 months after the second injection.

Exclusive: J&J plans to bankrupt talc liabilities, sources say

Johnson & Johnson are investigating a plan to offload responsibility for the widespread baby powder litigation to a newly formed company that would then seek bankruptcy protection, according to seven people familiar with the matter. During settlement discussions, one of the healthcare conglomerate’s attorneys told plaintiffs’ attorneys that J&J could pursue the bankruptcy plan, which could result in lower payments for cases that aren’t. settled beforehand, some people said. Lawyers for the plaintiffs would initially be unable to prevent J&J from taking such a step, but could pursue legal avenues to challenge it later.

Kazakhstan plans to locally produce second Russian vaccine

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on Monday ordered his cabinet to study the possibility of importing and locally producing the Sputnik Light vaccine developed by Russia, his office said. The Central Asian nation is already producing the Sputnik V vaccine, developed earlier, at a local factory in addition to importing it from Russia.

Troubled Cuba Fights Largest Number of COVID Cases in the Americas

Cuba, which kept coronavirus infections low last year, now has the highest per capita contagion rate in Latin America. This put a strain on its healthcare industry and helped fuel the rare protests that rocked the Communist-ruled island.

The Caribbean nation of 11 million people reported nearly 4,000 confirmed cases per million population in the past week, nine times the global average and more than any other country in the Americas for its size.

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