The MEO Rental Assistance Program has been a great help during a very stressful time.

We very quickly began to rack up credit card debt and loan debt at the start of the pandemic when we lost our jobs. Honestly, we couldn’t have made ends meet.

I recently started my training at two restaurants, Lineage and Nalu’s South Shore Grill. I’ll be a bartender in both. By the end of the month, in between, I’ll be back to work maybe 40 hours a week.

My wife, Sarah, is in the process of building a lead network for freelance business development and photography / video work.

Our son had a setback at school but made up for lost time. Everyone continues to stay healthy.

We continue to reduce our credit card debt and pay back family and friends for the money we had to borrow from them.

My wife and I will continue to look for non-tourism jobs that use our other skills.

Not only did this program and the rent assistance allow us to start paying off our debts and avoid arrears, but the advice and discussions we had with Shayna, our case manager, taught us to review our habits. of expenses.

Since becoming part of the aid program, we have eliminated unnecessary spending and started and will continue to budget for things like groceries and discretionary spending.

Victor Lopez


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