Admin assistants

Jobs in Toronto: TPH hires over 100 administrative assistants at vaccination sites for $ 30 an hour

The city’s main public health agency has issued a tender in Toronto, looking for people to do “general administrative duties” for Toronto’s immunization program.

The part-time Toronto Public Health position pays up to $ 31 an hour, lasts 10 months, and does not require any diplomas or education requirements to apply.

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28.64- $ 31.40
Salary scale

The job posting was posted on January 8 and is open until January 24.

Key qualifications include experience in customer service, administrative and administrative duties, Microsoft Office suite, database systems and data entry.

They are also looking for people with effective communication, strong interpersonal skills, and good time management.

The part-time job involves “flexible hours” on-site at immunization clinics, where applicants will take care of the reception and treatment of clients.

Toronto is stepping up its immunization program, with John Tory announcing today that the city will be opening its first immunization clinic at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on Monday, January 18.

“We plan to administer up to 250 first COVID-19 vaccines each day for the first three weeks,” said Matthew Pegg, executive director of the Toronto Emergency Management Office.