I am the parent of four school age children in King George County. School board member TC Collins says he represents his constituents, but he does not represent me or my family. His anti-science perspective represents conspiracy theorists in the hope that they will elect him to his next post.

Collins’ anti-mask vote can lead to political success, but puts our children at risk. When the unvaccinated children in our county end up in hospitals, he will take responsibility. When my daughter has to spend her senior year at home on a computer, it can take all the credit.

Children must be at school, in person. Last year, we knew that the only way to do it safely was to require distancing, barrier gestures and masks. It was not easy to stay at home, but we were protecting others in our community.

The orientation has not changed. The COVID numbers just dropped because the vaccine is working. Then the conspiracy theorists decided to refuse the vaccine. They have become fertile ground for a new variant that spreads better and makes people sicker. Where the viral load was previously on a rainy day, the delta variant is a hurricane.

The ionization system in schools is an umbrella, good for rain, but insufficient in a hurricane. With all the students in school, distancing is not possible and other measures are needed. Bring back the mandate of the mask and the check-ups. They are preferable to sending our children home to quarantine.

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