In response to Bruce Hagen on his letter titled “Voter Suppression,” which showed no facts. I wonder where you get your information from? Through the sounds of your rants, you must listen to the fake news of the Alphabet News. Their grades are lower than ever. Ask yourself why? You said the United States is a democracy. Partly true. We are in fact a Republic. The R means that our representatives are chosen by the people to exercise political power. Democracy is where people deliberate to make rules and decide on legislation. The D does not mean Democrat nor the R for Republican.

In paragraph two of Hagens’ letter, he claimed that all Republicans make it more difficult to vote due to racism, voter fraud, the double talk code, etc. Arizona, Georgia, and various other states perform forensic checks just to justify that voters are receiving credits for the candidate they voted for. Georgia State Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, as well as Stacey Abrams, are shaking in their boots. The SOS eliminated 100,000 votes from the electoral rolls. Hmmm! Why after the elections?

Hagen compared Russia, Syria and Nazi Germany to our “voter suppression” only because we ask for voter IDs or will. Asking for ID is the only fair way to run a fair R&D election. I only voted once. In some states, deceased people voted, fake addresses were used, and some people voted more than once. Should either party turn a blind eye to this Marxist electoral system? By the way, Bruce, thank you for your service to the country and your rights to “free speech”, First Amendment.

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