Thomas’s wacky claims

Cal Thomas made a wacky claim in a June 12 Macomb Daily column that “Seeking wisdom, not information,” “just about anything that was held to be true and right for millennia. is now considered obsolete by cultural bandits ”.

Thomas’ claim of “just about everything” is as ignorant as claiming that everyone is of the same ethnicity, religion, gender, age, etc. is 100% synchronized in its actions and beliefs – that there are no independent views, or beliefs, among the millions of individuals in these groups. At least according to this self-anointed expert, Cal Thomas. It would be easy to imagine Thomas sitting with his narrow-minded cave comrades, claiming that (you fill in the words) this is what’s wrong with America today because they are lazy, and take just “us” and give nothing back to Make America Great Again.

Thomas went on to say that Republicans were on a roll from 2016 to 2020 and that they were winning in virtually every category that matters – from economics to immigration to foreign policy – without acknowledging the fact that the rules of the financial game were titled, as usual, by Republican lawmakers at all levels to benefit the rich and continue to shift the tax burden from the deep pockets of their supporters to struggling American workers.

Thomas also mistakenly implied that the current tie in the US Senate between the GOP and the Democrats was a victory for the Tories, when in reality the GOP lost seats and the Democrats won enough to control the US Senate with with VP Harris voting to break any 50-50 tie between the GOP and the Dems. Thomas claimed Democrats currently have no more attractive leader than Joe Biden, 78, without acknowledging that the Republican Party has ceded full control to a 75-year-old Donald Trump, who is widely regarded as the politician the most controversial and most dangerous. America has been overwhelmed since George Washington took office as President of the United States in April 1789.

Maybe omniscient Thomas will bless 330 million Americans by abandoning his stuffed desk and bring his wealth to having all the answers and running for political office. It’s probably too much work for a 78-year-old columnist used to pontificating about how America is going to hell and the best solution he can find is to support the political system that got us into this mess, but at least let him earn enough money to continue living in his fantasy world.

Guillaume Krull


McLain is part of the problem

I find it totally hyperbolic that Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Shelby Twp.) And the Republican Party are bragging about upcoming infrastructure spending in their districts considering only 3 Republican representatives, 2 from New Jersey and 1 from Pennsylvania voted for. support investment in America Act.

Aren’t Republicans ashamed of their hypocrisy in denying and obstructing much needed infrastructure spending while trying to take credit for increased economic growth. Do they think their constituents are so naive that they don’t see the game they are playing?

Every day a party member makes a statement that goes against the ideals of Americans. From denying President Biden a Supreme Court justice, that is, McConnell, to “I want to make Biden a half-term president” – Senator Barrasso and Representative Clyde declaring that the 6 January was just a normal sightseeing visit.

Obstruction of the other side because you don’t want them to succeed is not the reason the people of this country sent our politicians to Washington. Lying and hijacking the facts because you want to stay in power regardless of what is good for Americans must stop. The mantra should not be the feast for the people.

Both parties are speaking out on bipartisanship, but they have yet put poison pills in the legislation knowing that the other party will block it. It’s no wonder Congress has such a low approval rating.

Denis Marentette

Shores of St Clair

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