Maya Scanlan of Gowanda challenges Lauren Rinow of Frontier in a lacrosse game at Gowanda High School on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

James P. McCoy

First-year coach Lottie Gill says Scotia Snyder is so focused on helping Gowanda’s girls’ lacrosse win the senior failed to realize she was over 100 career goals. .

No one probably would have noticed if it weren’t for Snyder’s cousin and teammate, Miya Scanlan.

Scanlan figured it out as he tracked how close she was to hitting the 200 career goal mark (around 10 away, per Snyder).

Snyder, who has been with Gowanda since his second season after a year at Nichols, exceeded 100 career goals in the Panthers’ May 12 game against Lake Shore. Snyder has scored four times in this game to reach 103 goals.

With Gill being new to the scene, he also had no idea that Snyder was close to the career 100 goal mark before it happened. That still didn’t stop Gill or the school from making sure the feat was celebrated, doing so right before a recent home game against Frontier, even though Snyder’s tally rose to 109 goals.

“I didn’t even know (about the milestone),” said Snyder, who plans to play collegially at Coastal Carolina. “I don’t really care about my stats. … It’s a good achievement, but I’d rather have 100 assists than 100 goals.

It “shows the character of Scotia and the mindset of their team first,” said Gill. “She pays little attention to individual recognition and instead focuses on the overall success of the team.”

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