Weapon offense: Covington Road

A resident said on June 2 that a man pointed a gun at him during an incident in April. He did not report the incident at the time, but believed he had since seen the suspect at a barbershop. Reports say the 24-year-old suspect has denied the allegations.

Credit Card Abuse: South Green Road

A resident reported on June 7 that his wallet was stolen and that someone has since used credit cards.

Flight: Warrensville Center Road

A 25-year-old Cleveland woman was cited at Walmart on June 3 for the theft of merchandise valued at $ 371.

Domestic violence: Trebisky Road

An 11-year-old girl told a neighbor on June 5 that her great-grandmother had hit her. Officers spoke to the woman, 72, who said the girl was upset that she was not allowed to go to her mother’s house and clean her room. The girl was then separated from her grandmother and placed with a cousin. There was no evidence that she had been hit by the woman.

Flight: South Green Road

A resident reported on June 7 that her license plates were stolen from her vehicle in February and that she was now receiving recovery letters regarding a carburetor accident in which the vehicle was involved around this time. The agents entered the plate as stolen.

Domestic violence: Maywood Road

A 65-year-old resident was arrested for domestic violence after an incident at his home on June 6 involving the mother of his child.

Wild animals: Warrendale Road

A man was followed home by an aggressive dog while walking his own dog on June 5. The dog’s owner, a 40-year-old resident of Halsey Road, arrived at his home and took possession of the dog. She was later cited for runaway dogs.

Domestic violence: route de Prasse

A 17-year-old boy was arrested for domestic violence on June 4 after an incident involving his mother at their home. He will be brought to justice for minors.

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