To meet my own standard which I affirmed by appealing to an upper class of politicians, I must commend our representative for her apologies for her comparison of mask warrants and the Holocaust.

During her visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC, United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene apologized for her offensive comments, while adding that when she does something wrong, she must admit it. As critical as I was of her original comments, I won’t hesitate to applaud her when she accepts responsibility for saying something wrong.

As always, it would be best if such comments were never made, but humans are fallible. Everyone will make mistakes, whether in their speech or their actions, that they will regret or ask for forgiveness.

It is now the duty of society to accept such repentance and to ensure that such actions or comments no longer find their way into public discourse. We will all make mistakes, and it’s not our job, at least we become hypocritical in the process of throwing stones at someone who has expressed repentance. Therefore, with some caution, I will take our representative’s apologies at face value. I hope she will now change course and refrain from making outrageous comments.

I will continue to disagree with her on some issues, but forgiveness is a careful and benevolent trait. When we see wrongdoing, such as with his comments, we need to report them as such. However, once that person recognizes the error in his ways, a functional society must also be willing to give in to such righteous indignation.

That being said, hypocrisy is rampant in our modern world, and only the diligent will avoid such temptations. Therefore, whether one is a Democrat or a Republican, our nation will become stronger through the willingness of righteous individuals to confront evil within their own ranks.

The Democratic Party has yet to demonstrate its willingness to regularly denounce anti-Semitic comments by figures such as US representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib. In order for a party to stay upright, it must be prepared to prune or sharpen bad branches.

I believe that the citizens of the 14th arrondissement will benefit from the union of all the members of the two parties in their commitment to the virtues of a true statesman: prudent, temperate, just and wise.

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