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Ministry of Education to fire 67 expatriate administrators – ARAB TIMES

“Teachers, laboratory help is not part of Kuwaitization in the public sector”

KUWAIT CITY, November 17: In a letter to the Ministry of Education, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) revealed that teachers, social and psychological science researchers and laboratory assistants are not covered by the Kuwaitization policy for government jobs during the current academic year. , Al-Qabas reports daily. He pointed out that the Kuwaitization policy had been applied to non-Kuwaitis five years ago.

According to the letter, the CSC has asked the Ministry of Education to terminate the services of 67 non-Kuwaiti administrative staff in six job groups, which do not include teachers, researchers and laboratory assistants, here the end of the school year 2021/2022. He explained that he had prepared the budget study for the fifth year of the implementation of the Kuwaitization policy of the ministry, pursuant to the decision of the Civil Service Council regarding the rules and procedures of Kuwaitization of posts. government, because it contained the number of employees to be replaced for the current fiscal year and the number of contracts to be terminated.

The number of employees affected by the replacement decision during the current fiscal year has reached 17 engineers, 7 in finance, economics and business, 9 in legal, Islamic and political affairs, 27 in languages, media, arts and public relations, three in information systems and technology, and four in administrative support jobs.

While the CSC has excluded teaching, education and training, science, development, monitoring, statistics, and social, educational and sports services positions from the Kuwaitization decision for the 2021 academic year / 2022, he clarified that the actual figures included in the functional groups mentioned in the CSC decision (Kuwait and non-Kuwaiti) were taken from data from the integrated civil service systems of the ministry.

He said: “In the event that no comments have been received from the Ministry of Education on what has been mentioned in the table and the rates and numbers of those covered by the replacement within a maximum period of 15 days, The Ministry of Finance will be directed to take the necessary measures to freeze the contracts of non-Kuwaiti employees in each job group of the ministry’s budget, as stipulated by the provisions of the civil service decision regarding the Kuwaitization of government jobs ”.