Vadodara: If things go as planned, the Law School at MS University will soon house a center that will help people resolve their business, business or family disputes and disputes. The proposed Sayajirao Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (SCADR) will not only assist people with an out-of-court settlement, but will also provide free legal aid to disputing parties.
The center will be a practical ground for future lawyers to learn Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms before joining the courts. Litigation is often long and costly. In the era of Covid-19, the courts had remained closed for almost a year.
“Even though they have reopened, they only deal with urgent matters. We proposed SCADR as a center that can help resolve disputes between parties so that instead of going to court, they can settle commercial, commercial, family or other disputes without going to court. It will also reduce the growing burden on the courts, ”said Professor Uma Iyer, Special Duty Officer and Director of the Baroda School of Legal Studies at the Faculty of Law.
With the growing importance of ADR techniques, including conciliation, mediation and negotiation, globally, especially in commerce, they are seen as a more viable option for resolving disputes. “The Bar Council of India has also made the ADR course compulsory for law students. For students too, it’s a new path in their career, ”she said.
The faculty wishes to involve all stakeholders including students, teachers, lawyers, district legal services authority, mediation center and arbitration center in the activities of the center. “We hope to be able to operationalize the center over the next three months by bringing together all the subject matter experts on one platform,” she said.
The long-term plan also includes the establishment of a legal aid unit or a legal aid clinic. “We hope that the center will strengthen the dispute resolution process and lead to a win-win situation for the disputing parties,” she said.
Soon a new doctoral animation center
In accordance with the guidelines of the education department of the government of Gujarat, a doctoral facilitation center will be established at MSU. Vice-Chancellor Professor Parimal Vyas said 14 universities in the state had received Rs 9 lakh each to establish such a center on their respective campuses. “We already have a research and advisory unit, an internal quality assurance unit and a student reception center. Through the Doctoral Facilitation Center, we will have two dedicated people, who will guide and help students on how to pursue their doctorate from the moment of the entrance test, ”said Vyas, who prepared the detailed proposal. Each year, more than 1,000 students take the university entrance test for doctoral studies for various departments.


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