New Delhi: To herald the next generation of innovation in Cloud technology, tech companies need to fundamentally transform the way Cloud can lead to the next level of general economic growth that everyone can participate in, Microsoft CEO Satya nadella highlighted.

Speaking to the Microsoft ‘Ignite 2021’ virtual conference, Nadella said it’s time for us to reflect on how the cloud will evolve over the next decade.

“As computing is taking root all over our world – transforming the way we interact with people, places and things – and as the physical and digital worlds converge, we will need more sovereignty and decentralized control. Cloud and edge computing will evolve to meet all of these real-world needs, ”he said.

The volume, variety and speed of data will see explosive growth in the cloud, and especially at the device level, driving the decentralized computing architecture.

“In this world, data will be more private, more sovereign. The governance and provenance of data will take on a new importance. We will develop new methods of federated machine learning to drive the next generation of personalized services while preserving confidentiality.” Microsoft said. CEO added.

During the digital conference, Microsoft unveiled the public preview of Azure perception, a hardware and services platform that aims to simplify how customers can use Azure AI technologies at the edge.

Roanne Sones, vice president of Microsoft’s Edge Group and Platform, said the goal of the new offering is to provide customers with a single end-to-end system, from hardware to AI capabilities, that “works simply “without requiring a lot of technical know-how.

The Azure Percept platform includes a development kit with a smart camera, Azure Percept Vision.

There is also a ‘getting started’ experience called Azure Percept Studio that guides customers with or without a lot of coding expertise or experience through the AI ​​lifecycle, including development, training, and coding experience. the deployment of proof of concept ideas.

Nadella said that in the artificial intelligence (AI) that we create using all this enormous power of the cloud, we will seek increasing levels of predictive and analytical power, common sense reasoning, alignment with human preferences – and can – more importantly, the increase in human aptitude. “

“Our economy will find a new balance between consumption and creation. We believe that the next decade will require technological advances that radically democratize creation,” he noted.

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