It’s not easy there, guys. Not even for the near-immortal spectral worms that plague the corpses of Victorian serial killers who died of consumption. If that’s too vague a description, I’m talking about Stephen Miller, seen above Post-Autoerotic Asphyxia. You may remember him as the white nationalist tasked with turning his handcrafted orphan supply service into a large-scale government program, but he was also Trump’s senior advisor during the presidency. Mr Miller, spotted walking out of the White House last January with a dead kitten hanging from his mouth, first listed his luxury condo in CityCenterDC last October. It is currently not listed but still available. The price of $ 1.2 million for a condo in which several sex workers almost surely died may explain the lack of interest, although according to Pajiba’s own Washington local. Genevieve Burgess, it probably has more to do with CityCenterDC being a development property of empty office buildings and designer stores.


Miller, seen here after putting the GPS tracker under your rear bumper, currently lives in Arlington with his wife Katie, née Waldman. There is no word yet of ghostly Union soldiers coming out of their graves in the nearby National Cemetery to fight Miller’s undead hordes every hour, though it is only a matter of time. . But if you’re looking to relocate to the DC area, perhaps to a home where even bleach can’t entirely mask the smell of old pork, check out Miller’s condo. here on Zillow. As you can see, it has a great view of concrete and all the heat of an illegal operating theater.


To be fair to Miller, properties are often listed with the blandest decor possible to attract more interest. And in the defense of the real estate agent, it’s difficult to sell a luxury condo with walls that expand and contract almost imperceptibly, accompanied by the faint sound of breathing. Wet, shiny ceilings don’t help, or keyholes that whisper in Enochian. Nothing an alcoholic priest seeking redemption and a few hundred gallons of bleach can’t fix, right? A citrus candle and a few of those decorative soaps couldn’t hurt either.

So if you’ve got $ 1.2 million in your pocket and a burning desire to live where (future) serial killer history was written, call Stephen Miller! He waits by the phone. Always. Expect.


Source: Washingtonian

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Sources of images (in order of publication): Getty Images, Alex Wong, Drew Angerer; screenshot zillow; Getty, WashPo

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