Let’s not forget that the Afghanistan issue revolved around the tenure of four US presidents and any of them could withdraw from US participation at any time.

President Biden had the strength to finally withdraw our support from the most corrupt and duplicitous government ever. Over the years, the United States has tried hard to teach recruits who had little motivation to fight and little support from their politicians and leaders.

My contention is that some degree of disruption would have occurred at any point in the past that we could have decided to leave Afghanistan on its own. Hopefully we can rescue American citizens in Afghanistan and protect a large percentage of those natives who have helped us in our hours of need there.

Ron Peterka

Joe Biden cannot be blamed for the need to withdraw our forces from Afghanistan for the same reason that Gerald Ford cannot be blamed for the withdrawal of our forces from Vietnam.

Beginning with former President George W. Bush, the United States embarked on a chimerical quest to strengthen an indigenous government structure that does not exist in Afghanistan. The United States simply cannot superimpose what we think is right on a reluctant society. Our strengths are to defend ourselves and if possible to support the natural progression towards peace in other countries.

John H. Borja
El Cajon

All the invectives against the Biden administration over the collapse of Afghanistan are spurious. While Biden owns the pullout, which should have been much better planned, Afghanistan has been a 20-year disaster shared by the Republican and Democratic administrations and in both alleys of Congress.

You can’t fight and win someone else’s civil war for him. If a country relies on foreign intervention for its legitimacy, it has none. The Afghan puppet government was a paper tiger backed only by the world’s most advanced military, without which its collapse was inevitable.

The failure of a doomed mission in no way diminishes the courage and sacrifice of the heroic soldiers who have left everything on the ground and paid off, and continue to pay a heavy price. It is an ongoing tragedy that we are unfortunately unable to resolve. We’re doing well, finally.

Keith behner
Loma Point

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