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Quick loans for SMEs – Gadget


Fundrr offers one of the fastest turnaround times for corporate finance applications on the market. The application and registration process is completed online and in under eight minutes, with responses provided within 24 hours.

It offers loans to South African companies in all sectors, provided they have at least 6 months of history and a minimum income of R30,000 per month.

Fundrr uses technology and real-time data to assess companies applying for funding. It creates a more complete picture of a small business and its possibilities for growth. These various data entries produce a Fundrr score and quick loans are provided ranging from R20,000 to R5 million.

The repayment of the financing facility is primarily tied to the cash flow of the business. This way, Fundrr is able to provide a repayment frequency that will not be an additional charge. By using risk-based pricing, low-risk businesses can expect to pay lower rates.

“Even before the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for small businesses was accessing finance,” says Idan Jaan, co-founder of Fundrr. “Banks prefer not to subscribe to small businesses. The amount of paperwork and long lead times prevent most small businesses from accessing the working capital they need. This became even more pronounced during shutdowns, as businesses were generally unable to access government grants. ”

Platform: And device with an up-to-date internet browser

Expect to pay: a free service but interest will be charged on loans

Resellers: visit the Fundrr page here for more information


Xago allows you to send money at a reasonable rate across borders.

Xago’s Xchange feature allows sending and receiving XRP (Ripple) cryptocurrency with the transaction appearing on the XRP Ledger in approximately 3.8 seconds, minimizing the risk of currency fluctuations.

In terms of security, the app leaves little to chance with its neuromorphic computer technologies that simulate human cognition, or the way the brain naturally and instinctively recognizes people. The result is a more secure and convenient customer experience when registering and logging in to transact on Xago’s platform.

Xago partners include Bequant, Bitmama, Paxful, Forex Varsity, Timeless Capital, and more are joining each month.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: a free download

Resellers: visit Xago here for more information.

Engen 1app

In 2018, a BusinessTech survey carried out among more than 7,000 people questioned showed that only 37% of motorists did not tip pump attendants.

Engen aims to change that with its new Tip an Attendant feature in the Engen 1app app. Ukheshe Technologies, Telkom and Engen have collaborated to create a QR code solution, which allows motorists to tip attendants and cashiers by scanning a QR code using their Engen. 1application or any payment app that supports Masterpass QR payments.

When a gasoline attendant’s QR code is scanned and a tip is given, it is automatically deposited into a Telkom Pay digital wallet. This digital wallet allows the attendant to withdraw money from Pick ‘n Pay or a CashExpress ATM, or purchase airtime, data and other VAS services. They can also purchase products from any merchant that supports QR code payments or any e-commerce store using a virtual card.

Petrol pump attendants and Quickshop cashiers will be assigned a personal QR code. After signing up for a Telkom Pay digital wallet via WhatsApp, they can start receiving tips from paying customers on the Engen 1 app.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: a free download

Resellers: visit the Engen 1 app page here for more details

Huawei Apps UP Developer Contest

In this year’s Huawei Apps UP Developer Competition, five South African apps were named to the list of 20 regional finalists:

Cosmetic is an exercise and fitness app that focuses on creating personalized and personalized workouts based on the equipment (or lack thereof) an individual can access. Download the app here.

Droppa ensures that moving home or office is a more efficient process. This on-demand delivery service is designed for transporting office and household items and furniture, with a built-in delivery tracker. Download the app here.

Application K53 helps to pass his apprenticeship and driving license motorcycles and vehicles. The learning section has three parts; rules of the road, traffic signs and vehicle controls, providing information on each of them, as well as practical tests. Download the app here.

Secura is a security application that assists users when they are in danger or feel threatened. A panic button alerts the control center, which then sends an armed response unit to the phone’s GPS position. The app also offers a demand response service for medical emergencies. Download the app here.

UniAPS provides secondary school students in South Africa with a way to verify the diplomas and higher education courses to which they are eligible, based on the grades they achieved in their final year of study. This saves the students time, as they will not apply for courses for which they will not be accepted. It also lightens the burden on the institutions, as they do not have to process such a large number of applications. Download the app here.

Platform: the applications are all available through the Huawei AppGallery

Expect to pay: all apps are free to download.

For info, play it safe

FYI, play it safe is an app for parents that notifies them when their child’s online interactions and social media activity show potential signs of cyberbullying, depression, chatting with online predators, or when ‘they engage in adult content. It is not a parental control app, but rather an extra layer of protection, which gives parents a chance to know when to talk with their children and what to talk about.

The app was previously only available on Android, but has since been developed for iPhone users and for those who want to monitor their child’s behavior through an internet browser.

FYI, play it safe was founded by parents of worried teens who don’t want to deprive children of the use of smartphones, but want to keep them as safe as possible in an online environment without invading their privacy.

Platform: Android, iOS and any other device with an up-to-date internet browser.

Expect to pay: The family package for up to four children costs Rand 1,200 per year.

Resellers: visit the FYI play it safe website here for more information about the app and download instructions.