Chris Drury, New York Rangers general manager (Photo by Joe Corrigan / Getty Images)

As the NHL is poised to expand to 32 teams, we’ll see where the Toronto Maple Leafs and Kyle Dubas stand by ranking every GM in the league.

The Toronto Maple Leafs made a number of moves with Kyle Dubas at the helm. Some of them have worked very well while others are less desirable. The same can be said for all GMs in the league, but it’s their goal to have more positives than negatives and ultimately win the Stanley Cup.

While we’ve ranked the best GMs in Maple Leafs history, it’s not that kind of list. This is a ranking of each NHL GM based on all the moves they’ve made for their club up to this release in the summer of 2021.

Ranking is always subjective, but in an attempt to make it as scientific as possible, we’ll identify both the positive and negative decisions that each GM has made with their current team. We will evaluate the successes and failures of their franchise, giving more weight to the most recent transactions. Using it as a quasi-algorithm made it possible to establish the rankings of all the general managers of the NHL at the end of the 2020-21 season.

32nd ranked GM – Chris Drury (New York Rangers)

The New York Rangers promoted their associate general manager in May, making Chris Drury the team’s new president and general manager. It’s a bold move for the franchise that saw Drury play four seasons for the team as recently as 2011.

It’s very early in Drury’s tenure. So much so that he has only done two signings so far. He signed a $ 9 million contract with his restricted free agent Ryan Lindgren. Drury also locked down Nils Lundkvist for a standard three-year, $ 5.325 million entry-level contract. (All the various information from , Statistics all the information on capital letters

Drury is the NHL’s newest general manager, so he arrives last by default.

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