Do the Twin Cities need one more roaster and one more coffee? Rochester people Fiddlehead Coffee Co. hope the answer is “yes”.

Fiddlehead started in 2017 and currently has two locations in Rochester. Now he has signed a lease to open a location in Bloomington on the ground floor of the large new Fenley Apartments project.

Fiddlehead co-owner Sarah Phalen said that despite the saturation of the metropolitan coffee market, the location offers an opportunity for growth. Fiddlehead is slated to open in a 2,300 square foot space in October.

“I think one of the things that made Bloomington so attractive was the lack of coffee in that particular area,” Phalen said.

Fiddlehead is a family business owned by Phalen, her husband, brother-in-law and partner.

The Fenley was developed by McGough Development, based in Roseville. Phalen said the people of Fiddlehead met with McGough staff in Rochester.

“They were pretty much working at one of our sites while doing development here,” Phalen said.

Fiddlehead is more than just coffee; Besides catering and selling whole beans, it also does contract roasting for other coffees. For now, Phalen has stated that Fiddlehead is not looking for another Twin Cities location.

“We hope to develop coffee roasting and wholesaling as well as our retail beverage line,” said Phalen.

McGough Development completed the 402-unit Fenley in spring 2020. The new building marked the third phase of multi-family housing in McGough’s Bloomington Central Station project.

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