Duty of adviser

EDITOR: I voted for Natalie Rogers and was delighted to see her as the very first person elected to the Santa Rosa City Council in our neighborhood. But it turned out to be a disappointment in clearing a long-standing and growing homeless camp on Sebastopol Road in a residential area, literally steps from people’s front doors.

It would not be tolerated in other neighborhoods, and maybe it’s tolerated here because we are a low income neighborhood and we have less political clout.

New, much-needed affordable housing will soon be occupied next to the camp. It really is a break in the housing policy that welcomes new residents to their new homes with campers right next to them.

One wonders if Rogers understands that district elections mean the representation of voters in neighborhoods at ground level. Rogers could revisit her election declarations where she won a very slim victory over a candidate who advocated drastic solutions to the homeless problem, which I do not support.


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Financial literacy needs

EDITOR: Regarding your Sunday article on financial literacy, I taught these topics during my tenure as an economics teacher at Piner High School from 1995-2010 (“Solving the Knowledge Gaps”). I realized that my students needed to understand what they would need to know when they entered adulthood. I created lessons and projects that addressed the financial responsibilities they would experience as young adults.

I taught my classes how to run a checking account and balance a check ledger, how to fill out a 1040EZ tax form, and we discussed business news in class. They learned how to fill out a job application form and write a cover letter. We did a family budget project in class, and they learned to read an inventory page and track the market in an eight week inventory project.

I discussed the pitfalls of credit card debt and how to build credit and maintain a good credit rating. These lessons should be taught to high school seniors before they graduate to ensure that they will be successful and responsible adults in society.


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No division on the camp

EDITOR: As a long-time resident of Guerneville, I can assure you that we are not divided on the issue of the removal of three blocks of garbage and the people who left them there (“La relocalisation des sans -abri divise Guerneville ”, Tuesday). This problem has been going on for months. I got to the point where I stopped driving on Third Street.

As for the “dissident” community services in Russian River, they failed to fix the problem for months. It takes a lot of nerve to complain about a pending problem that they refused to resolve despite receiving millions of taxpayer dollars and donations of dollars to fix that exact problem.



Relentless fireworks

EDITOR: The barrage of fireworks that preceded, including and followed July 4 was frightening, relentless and dangerous. Letters from your readers are just the tip of the iceberg as they represent so many citizens, pets and wildlife who continue to be assaulted by the reckless and stupid actions of people in my community.

These people seem to agree to put us all in danger. There continues to be nighttime fireworks explosions (maybe gunshots too?) Here in the West College / Finley Park / Coddingtown neighborhoods of Santa Rosa.

We don’t know what can be done. It appears the Santa Rosa Police Department is too, as evidenced by its inability to control an illegal fireworks display that turned tragic.

Should we wait for fire to break out in our neighborhoods before taking definitive measures? Are our local officials – members of city council and county supervisors – powerless? Are substantial fines contemplated for offenders? And why were the police so understaffed on and around July 4?

I would like to see The Press Democrat investigate and report on these issues.


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Say no to call back

EDITOR: It seems logical that in order to recall an elected official, they would have to break the law or fail in their duties in some way. So imagine my surprise when I learned that our District Attorney, Jill Ravitch, was being recalled, as I was convinced she had neither.

I’ve since learned that all it takes to recall a public official is to get a certain number of signatures, and the whole effort can be funded by one person. So here we are. A wealthy developer with a vendetta got us all to vote in September on whether our DA should complete the term we voted her for.

Let’s send him a clear message: you cannot use Sonoma County voters for revenge. We know the truth behind this attempted recall. Please join me in voting no on this revenge reminder.


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In search of intelligent life

EDITOR: Scientists wonder if there is intelligent life on other planets. Beings on other planets must be wondering the same about us.



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