If you want to get back to normal and don’t want your kids to have to wear a mask to school, stop ignoring proven mask and vaccine interventions (‘Kids can’t breathe’, 1st of August). Anti-masks and anti-vaccines are the reason we are facing a deadly and contagious variant of COVID-19 and still see an increase in cases and hospitalizations. If you are one of these groups, the crisis continues and the resulting restrictions are on you. Your actions affect the rest of us who have taken action to protect ourselves, our families and our communities by wearing masks and getting vaccinated. If you choose not to take these basic steps that will protect your children and the rest of us, please stay home until this pandemic is under control.

If we sound angry it’s because we are. We are also deeply disgusted by the insensitivity of protesters to compare mask demands to the horrors suffered by Jews during the Holocaust, George Floyd as he died below the knee of a police officer and children who have in fact been brutally abused. Can’t breathe with a mask? Try a respirator.

In the article by Attorney General Hector Balderas (“PNM Merger Will Be A Good Deal for NM,” My View, July 25), he says there is an unreasonable woman who wants to kill the PNM and Avangrid / Iberdrola merger . It would be me. Balderas explains why the settlement is good for New Mexico. He is either misinformed or is trying to deceive. Balderas hasn’t explained why he made a shocking about-face, first opposing the deal and then approving it, although I think the merger is legally flawed and does not protect New Mexicans. The attorney general’s position changed after meetings with lawyer Marcus Rael – his good friend and former partner – whom Iberdrola hired to influence Balderas and others.

Its own experts proposed a minimum rate credit of $ 85 million, and the attorney general settled $ 50 million. Its own experts have proposed an economic development fund of $ 80 million; the attorney general settled $ 20 million.

These experts write “PNM is also trying to recover sums imprudently committed [Four Corners Power Plant] capital costs to taxpayers ”and that resolution of the Four Corners plant problem is necessary. However, the stipulation signed by the Attorney General makes no mention of this transaction cost of $ 300 million. Who will protect New Mexicans if the Attorney General does not? We deserve better.

Regarding Tony Raap’s article (“State GOP fights efforts to expand the use of absentee ballot boxes”, July 14): In this country, democracy has no more dangerous enemies than republicans. The best proof of this is the republican opposition to this most essential part of democracy: universal suffrage.

The Republican Party is the party to suppress voters.

Over the past 20 years, Republican states have imposed strict voter identification laws, reduced voting hours, restricted registration, purged voter lists (especially targeting racial minorities and the poor) – and, of course, opposed the use of absentee drop boxes. The real fact is that Republicans despise, fear, or hate democracy as much as they love the word.

California State University, Northridge

Paul J. Gessing is wrong about Heinrich (“Heinrich is coming to get your stove and gas heater,” My View, July 25). It is not coming for your gas appliances, but it is preparing us for a future that can no longer afford to add CO2 to the atmosphere. The natural gas industries are not.

One example is the increasingly popular gas tankless water heater that produces hot water on demand. These units are more efficient than conventional water heaters and fit into much smaller spaces.

As a result, the developers are reducing the size of the mechanical rooms, and this will become the problem as we gradually move to electric heat pump water heaters that do not produce CO2. There won’t be enough room for a tank.

Future homeowners will need to renovate to create enough space to accommodate a heat pump water heater tank.

Granted, it’s years away, but with gas tankless water heaters we are making it more difficult to transition to a water heater without CO2 production.

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